We are a Kingston Technology partner

Kingston Technology customers receive 10% off their data recovery

Our partnership with Kingston Technology allows Kroll Ontrack to offer the best and the most advanced data recovery solutions to businesses and individuals. It also means that your Kingston Technology warranty will be protected in the event that we need to recover data from your device.

We have specialist tools and experienced engineers to help recover data from any Kingston Technology device and any data loss scenario.

Recovery from any device

Kroll Ontrack engineers are able to recover data from any Kingston Technology device.

Don’t worry if your device isn’t listed; call us for more information about how we can help you.

DataTraveller 2000 DataTraveller Vault Privacy 3.0 with Management DataTraveller 4000 G2DM
DataTraveller Vault Privacy 3.0 IronKey S1000 – Basic & Enterprise IronKey W700 – Basic & Enterprise
GroupShots IronKey D300 IronKey D300 Managed
DataTraveler Workspace SSDNow UV400 – 120BG

We can recover you data

Thanks to our proprietary tools and more than 30 years of experience in the data recovery industry, we can recover data from Kingston Technologies systems using our professional cleanroom or our Remote Data Recovery Services (RDR).

The best data recovery solution depends on the exact data loss scenario. We use proprietary tools and techniques to assess failed storage devices and recover data, even if the device is physically damaged.

Give us a call or request a free evaluation to find out if we can help you.

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Causes of SSD data loss

SSDs store data in flash memory chips. Data loss can occur due to physical damage to the flash chips and how data is logically stored on them. Some common failures include:

  • Electronic component failure
  • Controller chip failure
  • Flash cell degradation from natural use
  • Power surges or failures
  • Damage to printed circuit boards
  • Damage to connectors
  • Data corruption after firmware updates

Additionally, SSD storage devices are not immune from traditional data loss events such as human error, computer viruses, natural disasters, and software/program corruption.

Get your data back

Kroll Ontrack can help recover your data. From the largest government or enterprise organisations to home users who may have lost their data, you can trust us.

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