1 April 2015

Kroll Ontrack creates indestructible 5TB UltraGraphene Drive

Epsom, 1 April 2015 – Kroll Ontrack, the leading provider of data recovery and ediscovery, today announces the release of a new 5TB hard drive which guarantees 100% data protection and safety. Created by Kroll Ontrack's data recovery specialists, the drive is extremely fast reading and writing at 1.5 GB/s and is wholly resistant to damage by external factors.

Innovative approach

The UltraGraphene Drive is born from the analysis of the weakest points of traditional HD, SSD and hybrid hard drives. It is based on proprietary data recording and protection technology EternalByte, which guarantees maximum data safety and totally removes the threat of data loss.

The drive’s total capacity is 10TB, but only 5TB is available to the user. The remaining half is used for backing up saved data. The drive is also equipped with Power Nano SSD XLC memory, which provides a read / write speed of 1.5 GB/s.

A graphene case ensures guaranteed water resistance up to 60 metres, shock and extreme temperature (-50 and 300 degrees Celsius).

The UltraGraphene Drive weighs just 1.5kg and the built-in Li-Ion battery enables uninterrupted operation of the device for 16 hours without charging. The drive is equipped with a wireless module, allowing it to connect via standard Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth, as well as USB 3.0. Users can therefore access the device via any computer, smartphone or other connected device without the necessity of using cables.

Tested under difficult conditions

The Kroll Ontrack UltraGraphene Drive has been tested in extreme conditions – it was subject to drilling, hammering and overvoltage of up to 10,000 V. A Prototype of the drive has also been tested in cooperation with rescue services, receiving a positive assessment from the US Bureau of Emergency Management and the German Federal Agency for Crisis Response (DBfE).

Easy to use at home with total data safety

Kroll Ontrack UltraGrapheneDrive automatically synchronises with the most popular cloud solutions on the market as well as any FTP and WebDAV services. Synchronisation is carried out without any loss in the driver's efficiency. The drive is perfect for media streaming, both audio and video. The device will also be a perfect backup drive, as it can be connected to any backup environment including Apple’s TimeMachine.

Those interested in testing this ultimate drive may register at: www.krollontrack.co.uk/information-management/ultragraphene-drive/

Kroll Ontrack 2015 research undertaken for World Backup Day

The news of Kroll Ontrack’s new drive follows research undertaken for World Backup Day among 841 Kroll Ontrack clients from North America, Asia and Europe, which reveals that three fifths (61 per cent) of IT users state that despite having a backup at the point of data loss they were unfortunately unable to access their backed up data.


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