25 May 2010


New Recovery Positioning System enables faster turnaround of critical files

Kroll Ontrack today announced significant improvements to its data recovery capabilities for Apple® Macintosh® systems, addressing the surge in usage of Apple products such as the MacBook Pro®, iPad® and iPhone®, as well as Mac OS® X server and Apple Xsan® 2 in business IT environments. Ontrack® Data Recovery engineers have developed a new Recovery Positioning SystemTM, which adds a higher level of precision to the data recovery process, resulting in faster service and a higher quality data recovery for Mac platforms.

According to Kroll Ontrack, requests for Mac-specific data recoveries have doubled over the last three years, growing 117 percent from 2006 to 2009. In addition to its proprietary Recovery Positioning System, Kroll Ontrack is equipped with data recovery technology for MacMail and Microsoft® Entourage® e-mail, as well as data recovery capabilities for Apple Xsan 2 clustered file system for Mac OS X.

“Increasingly, IT departments are deploying Mac systems not only for mobile computing, but also as an enterprise platform. The Recovery Positioning System for Apple Macintosh systems is our latest in-house data recovery tool, which gives Ontrack Data Recovery engineers the ability to get to the most critical files quickly, thereby improving the quality and turnaround of each recovery,” said Phil Bridge, managing director, Kroll Ontrack UK.

“Apple customers with Mac operating systems benefit not only from our 25 years of data recovery experience, but also our dedicated research and development and cleanroom technology, which are second to none.” Following a hard drive failure or physical damage to the media, the quality of a data recovery can diminish as deterioration occurs and time is spent recovering files from unimportant areas of the drive. Using its Recovery Positioning System process, Kroll Ontrack is able to prioritise the recovery strategy according to the most critical needs of the customer and locate specific information on used areas of the drive as well as critical file types.

Customers are provided with a comprehensive evaluation and detailed file report of which files can be recovered, so they can make informed decisions about how best to proceed. “Immediately after losing data, it’s in a Mac user’s best interest to get the system into the hands of experts quickly, rather than trying to remove the failed drive yourself and risk damaging the system even further and invalidating warranties,” said Kam Amin, managing director, AA Mac. “Kroll Ontrack’s data recovery engineers are Apple Certified Technicians with unmatched expertise in performing recoveries of critical data, providing Apple business customers, Apple Service Providers and individual users with peace of mind even in the most stressful situations.”