19 October 2009

Kroll Ontrack cleans up business data with Degausser launch

new erasure tool provides peace of mind for UK companies

Kroll Ontrack, provider of the world’s leading data recovery solutions and services, has launched the Ontrack® Eraser Degausser in the UK market.

The Ontrack Eraser Degausser 3.0 generates a strong electromagnetic field to safely and securely destroy all traces of data contained on defunct or end-of-life magnetic media.

Businesses across the public and private sectors can use the electromagnet to permanently wipe 100 per cent of data from magnetic media in a matter of seconds. The device is able to generate a peak field of up to 18,000 gauss, destroying the data and removing the risk of sensitive information falling into the wrong hands.

Alternative scenarios for the use of the degausser include:
  • the erasure of large volumes of data
  • the destruction of restricted information
  • the disposal of tapes or other media when software isn’t appropriate

Built to cope with large volumes of media and used in-house, the degausser ensures that data is destroyed before hardware leaves the premises for recycling.

“Simply deleting files from storage devices is not enough to ensure that sensitive information does not fall into the wrong hands,” said Robert Winter, chief engineer of data recovery at Kroll Ontrack UK. “A degausser is one of the safest insurance policies a company can buy to prevent the spread of private data and legal liability.”

The Ontrack Eraser Degausser enhances the Ontrack® Eraser suite of software, services and hardware using technology that adheres to stringent international security standards. It is CESG approved as a certified CCTM product.

More information is available on Ontrack Eraser and Ontrack Data Recovery solutions.