23 October 2009

Kroll Ontrack introduces new SharePoint functionality for Ontrack PowerControls

Makes SharePoint content restorations fast, easy and seamless.

Makes SharePoint content restorations fast, easy and seamless.

Kroll Ontrack is launching Ontrack® PowerControls 5.2. Complete with a new, flexible licensing option and enhanced search, preview and restoration capabilities, the latest addition to the portfolio provides IT administrators with the ability to easily and efficiently search, locate, restore or consolidate Microsoft® Office SharePoint® Server 2007 sites as well as individual documents stored on SharePoint sites.

Specifically, Ontrack PowerControls 5.2 includes: Enhanced search and preview capabilities. The unique ability to search for items at the granular level and preview them prior to restoration saves users significant time by providing them with more targeted and relevant search results. Full-site restoration/copy or export functionality. The ability to drag and drop a full SharePoint site into a new or existing SharePoint server at the site level or export a full site to a hard disk location simplifies the restoration and consolidation process. The flexibility to restore either an entire database or granular items without a recovery server significantly reduces the time it takes SharePoint administrators to restore or consolidate site(s) and individual items. Support for SQL 2008 and SharePoint 2007. Compatibility with the most current versions of SQL and SharePoint enables IT teams to easily address both internal and general IT environment requirements, better ensuring compliance with policies and market best practices.

"As SharePoint grows in popularity as a content management and collaboration application, so do the cases where items or sites need to be located, restored or consolidated for business critical operations such as internal investigations, document migration, compliance or site cleanup," said Robert Winter, chief engineer at Kroll Ontrack UK. "The new version of Ontrack PowerControls is a complete restoration tool for SharePoint site content. Its functionality allows you to locate what you need quickly, and perform restorations or site consolidations in a fraction of the time."