3 July 2008

Kroll Ontrack Expands Electronic Disclosure Support for Documents with Asian Languages

Enhanced Capabilities Streamline Cross Border Litigation, Investigations, and Regulatory Matters for Legal Teams Representing Clients in the Asia/Pacific Region

London – June 25, 2008 – Kroll Ontrack®, has expanded its capabilities to include languages such as Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese and Korean, to help global legal teams more quickly and efficiently identify, process, search, review and produce multilingual documents, resulting in time and cost savings.

“As worldwide business interactions increase daily, the rate of litigation, investigations, and regulatory matters involving data from other countries with non-English characters also rises,” said Nancy Robertson, senior director of Legal Technologies product management for Kroll Ontrack. “The biggest challenge facing global legal teams is finding an effective means to successfully process a wide variety of multilingual documents, in an efficient and cost-effective manner. With the addition of these new Multilingual Intelligence capabilities, Kroll Ontrack is better equipped to provide its clients with seamless e-disclosure support, from collection through processing to review and production in multiple languages – from English to Western European and East Asian languages.”

Kroll Ontrack’s advanced Multilingual Intelligence capabilities provide the most sophisticated electronic disclosure and online review features available today, including:

  • Unicode Processing – With the ability to process Unicode documents in a variety of languages, legal teams benefit from utilising one service provider minimising the burden of handling non-English documents.
  • Multilingual Searching – Kroll Ontrack’s award-winning processing engine and review tool, Ontrack Inview, provide users with full multilingual search support – including proximity and Boolean searching – of Western European and East Asian data, helping legal teams pinpoint the documents that are important to the case and excluding those that are not relevant.
  • Multilingual Review Support – All documents, regardless of source language, can be centralised and supported in Ontrack Inview, allowing management of review at a global level.
  • Production – Advanced output features allow legal teams to produce multilingual documents in a variety of formats, including full OCR support for redacted documents in their original language while maintaining the security of the redaction.

Kroll Ontrack’s enhanced multilingual discovery capabilities, including Ontrack Inview 5.5, launch in the United Kingdom, United States and Hong Kong in June 2008.

The Legal Technologies & Consulting division of Kroll Ontrack provides corporations, law firms and government agencies with technology and consulting services for paper and electronic disclosure, computer forensics and litigation readiness and response projects. Helping clients quickly and cost-effectively find, review, manage, produce and present relevant evidence, Kroll Ontrack is recognised as the leading electronic discovery provider by the AmLaw Tech Survey (2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006 & 2007).