13 January 2009

Kroll Ontrack launches software with SharePoint restoration and search capabilities

Ontrack PowerControls product suite enhanced to include SharePoint recovery tool

Kroll Ontrack®, the leading provider of data recovery and data management products and services, has launched Ontrack® PowerControls™ 5.1.

The new tool allows IT and Microsoft® Office SharePoint® Administrators to easily and efficiently search and restore items on a SharePoint server. Administrators familiar with Ontrack PowerControls for Exchange product can now apply the same time and cost saving recovery capabilities to this widely used enterprise content management (ECM) application.

"While SharePoint has many Enterprise Content Management (ECM) benefits, the risk of accidental deletion or inaccurate editing creates demand for a tool to restore information from backups" said Alastair Molyneux, business development manager at Kroll Ontrack UK. "Regulatory and legal demands further emphasise the importance of archiving or restoring SharePoint data. With Ontrack PowerControls for SharePoint, restoration is no longer a technically difficult and involved process."

Specifically, the benefits of utilising Ontrack PowerControls for SharePoint include:

  • Less time to restore an individual document, item, list, folder or library – Administrators no longer need to perform a full site restoration in order to locate specific items
  • Eliminating the same site restore constraint – Ontrack PowerControls for SharePoint enables users to restore to the original or alternate SharePoint locations, allowing restoration directly into a production SharePoint server or to a file system. This eradicates the need for an expensive recovery server
  • Minimising the time to locate all matching specific criteria – With an advanced search feature that performs across all content databases, administrators can target a variety of criteria, including item type, keywords, subject, date, specific users, and file and attachment data
  • Maintaining data integrity of the SharePoint source and target – Ontrack PowerControls for SharePoint maintains data integrity by performing read-only operations on the source files and will not alter data when accessing the target
  • Minimising the costs involved in restoring lost items – The tool can read existing content database backups, so no modification of backup infrastructure or procedures is necessary