14 February 2008

Kroll Ontrack accelerates in-house e-mail investigations

~ Ontrack® Firstview™ enables IT professionals to provide on-demand identification of potential legal issues in electronic information ~

IT professionals and legal counsel can now conduct accelerated e-mail investigations and spot potential legal issues with the launch of an upgraded version of Ontrack Firstview.

Ontrack Firstview 2.0 delivers powerful in-house analysis and intelligent reporting of e-mail communications.

Built on the technology from Ontrack® Power Controls™, a software to ol which recovers and restores e-mail archives, Ontrack Firstview 2.0 provides a solution to conduct fast and efficient e-mail investigations. Ontrack Firstview, an easy-to-use desktop software developed and now upgraded by Kroll Ontrack, conducts automated e-mail analysis, which can be used in internal investigations and pre-litigation.

External and internal e-mail and attachment content can be efficiently reviewed, minimising the cost of electronic discovery through the use of filtering, powerful conceptual searching and timeframe setting.

Version 2.0 employs advanced conceptual searching – which, unlike conventional search mechanisms, identifies terms and concepts related to a keyword and delivers a more comprehensive set of results. It also enhances productivity by enabling multiple concurrent searches.

Moreover, the tool now visually represents e-mail topics and themes and how they relate to one another, ultimately revealing connections that might not have been apparent using other review products. The product’s enhanced reporting functions also enable IT teams to produce analytical graphs to demonstrate such connections.

“Most IT teams and legal counsel conduct e-mail investigations manually with the same systems used to create the e-mails - turning analysis and discovery into extremely laborious tasks,” said Phil Bridge, Managing Director, Kroll Ontrack. “Ontrack Firstview is intuitive and provides a powerful first-line of defence. By having this tool in-house, investigations can be delivered on-demand and with huge time and cost savings.”

“Ontrack Firstview’s visualisation technology enables a much more logical investigation process for all e-mail platforms,” Bridge continued. For example, released documents are grouped by theme, which enables users to identify potential links in e-mail communications that ordinarily may not have been spotted.”