18 October 2007

Kroll Ontrack launches first enterprise-wide data erasing product

~ Ontrack® Eraser ensures the security of critical business information ~

Firms are now able to delete corporate sensitive information following the launch of Ontrack ® Eraser.

Kroll Ontrack, a leading provider of data recovery and legal technology products and services , has developed software, which permanently erases all data following implementation.

Ontrack ® Eraser helps companies protect against potential security breaches and comply with data retention and privacy laws - such as giving away or recycling computers in compliance with the WEEE directive. The technology deletes all traces of information stored on targeted media, making recovery impossible.

Most notably, Ontrack Eraser is easy-to-install, easy-to-use and has superior reporting capabilities. Installation and configuration is performed with a simple, intuitive administration tool. Moreover, Ontrack Eraser is equipped with a powerful reporting tool that captures a record of all the erasures performed on a network or a single PC. Verifying that all data has been erased down to the unit level, a report is delivered to administrators via email or in .xml format.

“While many companies are good at protecting their data with firewalls, antivirus software, encryption and network passwords, these same companies forget to erase their data before discarding, selling or giving away PCs. This move reveals a major security breach that can be avoided,” said Phil Bridge, managing director,Kroll Ontrack UK. “Ontrack Eraser reduces the risk of lost business secrets, a diminished reputation and liability by ensuring a company’s most critical business data doesn’t inadvertently walk out the front door.”

“Just because data has been deleted does not mean it’s gone from the hard drive,” added Bridge. “Even if all the drives files have been put in the recycle bin and the hard drive has been reformatted, the data could still be recovered. Ontrack Eraser is an effective erasure method because it permanently deletes information by overwriting all the data on the hard drive.”

For more information about Ontrack Eraser, please visit www.ontrackdatarecovery.co.uk