26 March 2007

Businesses fail to learn the lessons of data loss

~ Ontrack research finds companies turning a blind eye to recovery plans and costs ~

Nine out of ten companies (89%) fail to allocate budget for data recovery even though 78 per cent have experienced data loss in the last 12 months.

These findings are based on a survey [1] from Ontrack Data Recovery, which questioned 329 IT professionals and data loss victims across a range of UK businesses.

Disaster recovery is a priority area for many companies. In fact, 29 per cent of those questioned said it was of major importance to their business, but the research shows that companies still refuse to plan ahead when it comes to data loss. For example, less than half (47%) said their organisation had an escalation policy in place in the event of data loss, and many believed third parties, such as IT maintenance providers, should offer standard data recovery services.

Ontrack is warning companies that a ‘it’ll never happen to me’ mentality is a dangerous practice, and is urging companies to re-examine their data recovery policy. Including pre-emptive measures, such as partnering with experts, communicating emergency tips to staff and promoting regular data backups can help limit the damage should the worst happen.

“Despite the number of businesses that experienced data loss in the last twelve months, organisations still fail to prepare properly and lack a prevention strategy,” said Phil Bridge, managing director at Ontrack Data Recovery.

“With disaster recovery and business continuity near the top of the corporate agenda, companies must learn the lessons of data loss and take a more centralised approach to the issue,” he added. “This puts organisations in a better position to incorporate contingency plans and the associated budgets into their overall business plans, thereby helping to ensure they are better able to resolve data loss issues efficiently."

For further information about Ontrack Data Recovery and its corporate advantage programme, visit www.ontrack.co.uk/partner/corporate.asp

[1] Survey conducted in November 2006

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Ontrack Data Recovery (www.ontrack.co.uk) is the largest, most experienced and technologically advanced provider of data recovery products and services worldwide. Ontrack is able to recover lost or corrupted data from virtually all operating systems and types of storage devices through its do-it-yourself, remote and in-lab capabilities, using its hundreds of proprietary tools and techniques. Ontrack Data Recovery is a brand name of Kroll Ontrack Inc., a technology services subsidiary of Kroll Inc., the global risk consulting company.

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