20 June 2006

Danger of double loss for data losers, warns Ontrack

~ data recovery expert urges UK businesses to meet electronic communication compliance requirements ~

Ontrack Data Recovery is warning UK businesses to implement email storage and retrieval solutions to avoid falling foul of current legislation. Strict electronic communication compliance requirements outlined in the Data Protection and Freedom of Information Acts can impose penalties for failing to produce requested email, resulting in increased costs for businesses already losing money due to missing data.

The average user sends and receives more than 130 emails per day(1) yet, on public request, must be able to provide stored information within the 20-day legal deadline. In the data recovery specialist’s experience, information about audits, contracts, legislation and meetings are among the most common types of emails requested at a moment’s notice. If business disruption is to be avoided, then companies must have email retention and recovery systems in place.

“CEOs are failing to realise that emails are as legally binding as a physical letter,” said Phil Bridge, business development manager, Ontrack Data Recovery. “It can take hours to restore mailboxes as well as draining thousands of pounds from the IT budget. Electronic data should always be archived appropriately and be readily available to authorities and the public if businesses are to comply with current legal legislation.”

Ontrack’s email recovery and retrieval tool, PowerControls, contains a content analysis function that allows large volumes of electronic data from different files to be viewed at one time. The software speeds up data retrieval and brings companies in line with legal timeframes to provide data following a request from the public.

To enable faster electronic data recovery and retrieval, Ontrack recommends the following:

  • Enable searches across multiple data sources at one time with an efficient system
  • Manage emails by action - store as ‘read and throw away’, ‘read and file’, ‘read and reply or ‘read, action and file’
  • Avoid saving emails in inboxes as data is at risk of loss and may be difficult to manage
  • Index emails – metadata (data about data) will help direct the administrator to the specific email without searching through numerous files
  • Locate specific emails or entire conversations using a search word criteria tool

For further information about Ontrack PowerControls, please visit www.ontrackpowercontrols.co.uk

(1) Figure taken from Inbox/Outbox website, www.inbox-outbox.com

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About PowerControls 4.1

PowerControls 4.1 contains all of the features and benefits of the current product, plus additional new features including:

Content Analysis
PowerControls allows administrators to create any number of customised Content Analysis Stores (CAS), facilitating content, time period, and in-depth investigative analysis of their Exchange data. Each CAS is a ‘container’ that can contain one or more data sources and one or more Profiles. CAS data sources can be an entire EDB file, a single EDB mailbox, or a single EDB folder, with CAS Profiles containing unique search criteria such as keywords, users, dates, and Boolean operators.

Arrange Messages by Conversation View
PowerControls now allows administrators to see a histogram of all replies and forwards of a given message. This is important for analysing the conversation thread of a message.

Arrange Messages by Message Table View
This feature allows the administrator to see all folders that reference a single message. This is helpful for analysing the Single Instance Storage (SIS) feature of Exchange server.

Arrange Messages by Attachment Table View
This allows the administrator to see all messages that reference a single attachment. This is also important for analysing the Single Instance Storage (SIS) feature of Exchange server.

Enhanced Support for Backup Formats
PowerControls 4.1 now offers enhanced support for the newest versions of Symantec BackupExec™, Veritas NetBackup™ and Computer Associates® BrightStor™ ARCserve®. Support also is available for Microsoft® NT Backup, Legato NetWorker®, IBM® Tivoli®, CommVault® Galaxy™, UltraBac Software and HP OpenView Storage Data Protector backup formats.

Pricing and Availability
Different editions of PowerControls 4.1 are available with pricing beginning at £649for 100 mailboxes. For more information call Ontrack on 0800 243 996 at or online at www.ontrackpowercontrols.co.uk