13 October 2003

Kroll Ontrack unveils annual league table of computer mishaps

~ Global analysis shows many data disappearances ~

Data recovery and electronic evidence specialist, Kroll Ontrack, has released its annual league table of the ten most bizarre computer mishaps.

A global poll amongst Kroll Ontrack’s data experts unearthed the examples of bizarre data disappearances. In all incidences Kroll Ontrack was able to recover the data, by either working on the computers in their labs or clean rooms.

The Kroll Ontrack top ten global league table

  1. An American user became so frustrated with his laptop, he shot it with a gun, before realising there was important data saved on the computer.
  2. A man threw his computer out of the window in an attempt to destroy evidence when he found out the police were coming to seize his PC and arrest him.
  3. One man’s laptop dropped out of his bag while he was riding his moped. The computer was then run over by a lorry before he even noticed he had lost it and needed access to the data.
  4. A financial director dropped his laptop in the bath while finishing the company accounts.
  5. Burglars disposed of expensive stolen computer equipment by throwing it in a river after police offered a reward for its return. Three weeks later, it was recovered and the data was retrieved from the water-logged hard drives.
  6. A business woman spilt red wine over her laptop when she was showing a business partner some information after dinner.
  7. One company’s server had been running 24 hours a day, seven days a week for years. The company had never bothered to carry out any maintenance on it, so the server had gathered so much dust and dirt over the years it malfunctioned.
  8. In an episode of computer rage, a user threw his computer against the wall.
  9. A jet-setting business woman spilt café latte all over her laptop while working in an airport lounge.
  10. A new car owner left her laptop on top of her car, then drove off.
Whilst computer malfunction is still the predominant cause of data loss, careless and avoidable mistakes are rapidly gaining ground on the number one spot - and often require even more drastic action.

"People always think 'it will never happen to me' when it comes to losing data. And then it comes as a shock when it does," said Adrian Palmer, managing director at Kroll Ontrack Ltd. "There are many ways that data can disappear without trace from computer hard drives, from system malfunctions to computer viruses. However, despite being the easiest problem to prevent, we are seeing more cases where human error is to blame."

"By their nature, laptops are more susceptible to damage and users need to be aware of this. Although data can be fully recovered in the majority of cases, it has to be said that individuals can save themselves a lot of heartache by backing up regularly and being a bit more careful in the first place," added Palmer.

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About Kroll Ontrack

Kroll Ontrack Ltd, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Kroll Inc, is a leading provider of data recovery and electronic evidence services. It helps individuals, companies, law firms and government agencies recover electronic information quickly and cost-effectively. In addition, it enables customers to protect, manage, backup and recover their valuable data.

Using its hundreds of proprietary tools and techniques, Kroll Ontrack is able to recover lost or corrupted data from all operating systems and types of storage devices through its do-it-yourself, remote and in-lab capabilities. Kroll Ontrack’s award-winning utility software tools help prevent critical data loss through problem-solving and file-management utilities.

Formerly known as Ontrack Data Recovery Europe Ltd., Kroll Ontrack operates as the Technology Services Group of Kroll. This is one of four businesses dedicated to providing practical and integrated solutions to organisations worldwide to help safeguard them against risk.

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