4 October 2005

Ontrack raises the bar for data recovery service

~ VeriFile online reports establish new industry standard for data recovery assessment ~

Ontrack Data Recovery has launched VeriFile, an online pre-recovery tool, to provide customers with an unprecedented level of information about the state of their data.

Unique to the data recovery industry, VeriFile raises the bar on customer service. The release of this innovative new tool will force other data recovery companies to rethink the simple text-based listings traditionally provided to customers.

Using a small, browser-based application, VeriFile lists all recoverable and unrecoverable files from the device following Ontrack’s initial assessment. Files are also colour-coded green, yellow and red, to show which files are good, repairable and which are partially intact. The ability to filter and locate specific files replicates the search trees used by Windows Explorer, meaning a customer can instantly trace vital documents and their condition using a familiar user interface.

Unlike VeriFile, most other pre-recovery tools provide no file listings at the diagnosis stage. Even where recoverable files are identified with a ‘free’ evaluation, the text-based report format used merely provides the customer with a lengthy, complicated document that cannot be searched comprehensively. Customers are then forced to either go through the entire report to find out if vital files can be retrieved, or take pot luck on whether the recovery will retrieve vital files.

“Although the idea of a free evaluation can be attractive to people suffering from data loss, the truth is that customers often get what they pay for; nothing that they didn’t know already,” said Adrian Palmer, managing director, Ontrack Data Recovery UK. “The listings provided by other data recovery companies simply do not provide the amount of detail needed for customers to make an informed decision about their recovery.”

“All the customer needs to know is whether the specific data that they need can be retrieved and how quickly this can be done, without any further costs. VeriFile gives this information to a customer in a comprehensible and timely manner. The insight this data provides should enable a customer to make the right decision, as they will know exactly what we’ve guaranteed to recover, and how much it will cost.”

Click here to see how VeriFile compares to text-based reports.

About VeriFile

For an agreed and fixed investment of as little as £75 , which includes all parts and engineer time required to perform a full diagnosis, Ontrack VeriFile provides an easy-to-read report format that provides the customer with exact details of files that will be recoverable after the initial assessment of the data loss. The quality of the recovery is quickly identifiable. This gives the customer all of the information necessary to determine if important files can be recovered before committing to any further service fees and proceeding with an actual recovery. VeriFile advantages include:

  • Complete listing of recoverable files in an easily searchable format
  • Comprehensive results typically delivered in 24-48 hours
  • Individual file assessment, reporting a recovery status for each file as good, repairable or partial.
  • Familiar Windows Explorer-like interface for viewing specific file and directory information
  • Quick and easy advanced filtering options to drill down and locate a specific file or view groups of files based on file type, date range, etc
  • Ability for help desk managers, directors of IT, third party service organisations, or resellers to create customised recovery status reports

About Ontrack Data Recovery
Ontrack Data Recovery is the largest, most experienced and technologically advanced provider of data recovery products and services worldwide. Ontrack is able to recover lost or corrupted data from virtually all operating systems and types of storage devices through its do-it-yourself, remote and in-lab capabilities, using its hundreds of proprietary tools and techniques. Ontrack Data Recovery is a brand name of Kroll Ontrack Inc., a technology services subsidiary of Kroll Inc., the global risk consulting company.

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