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An iPad is taken on the ultimate drive [video]

One of our customers accidentally dropped his iPad from a train, in the middle of remote woodland. Though recovered, the iPad was severely damaged and all the data was lost. Our specialist engineer reviewed the device to evaluate the damage and recovery possibilities. He found: the digitiser was destroyed, so the iPad did not respond to touch the second screen layer comprised of the LCD (which displays all the content) …Read More

Data security tops the list for data recovery hot topics from 2014 [video]

Looking back on 2014, the trends that impacted the data recovery industry throughout the year were very clear. We received quite a lot of feedback from our engineers about these trends and how they will become prevalent for businesses and individuals in 2015. Data security, business continuity and mobile devices were among the biggest trends impacting the data recovery industry in 2014. The most talked about trend however was how …Read More