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Not if, but when: the Cloud becoming one of the standards for SQL Server?

The cloud. Most of us use its powers personally on a daily basis and never really give it much thought. You know, all of those status updates and pictures of meals you share with your friends? The magical power of the cloud is behind all of that. Without it, no one would know that Darren’s #mochatime mocha was delicious. #mochatime #rocknrollfriday pic.twitter.com/ma1553Ul1T — Darren Thackeray (@red_mosquito_) January 16, 2015 But …Read More

Choosing a hypervisor: 5 things to consider

Virtualisation, for the uninitiated, describes the use of software to provide a complete, functional simulation of a hardware environment. Data can be stored, programmes can be run and memory can be managed exactly as if the virtual machine were an actual computer. Nowadays, this is very much an accepted part of business IT. To understand the benefits in a little more depth, imagine that your company runs half a dozen …Read More

VMFS strengths, weakness & VMFS recovery challenges

VMware’s Virtual Machine File System (VMFS) uses clustering to provide improved performance and resilience in an enterprise environment. So what are the pros and cons of the file system, and what are the implications for VMFS recovery? What are the benefits of using VMFS? Using the VMFS format, multiple virtual servers can read and write to the same file system simultaneously which would be prevented by file locks in traditional …Read More

Factors to consider for a successful VMDK recovery

The flat file format of virtual server disk files should make backup and recovery of entire machines relatively straightforward. But just like any disaster recovery scenario, VMDK recovery is liable to exactly the same problems and flaws as any other file. Here are some of the factors to consider in the event of a virtual server disk file problem. Are VMDK files actually being backed up? Successfully restoring VMDK images …Read More

Virtualisation misconceptions: Replication is a backup

Virtualisation offers us many different ways of backing up our data, in addition to being able to ensure that business-critical systems remain online in the event of an emergency. One misunderstood and valuable tool is that of replication. Replication is a process whereby a virtual machine (VM) or any other chosen data is copied to a backup environment in real time. What this means is that if you make a …Read More

Limiting data loss from data stores: Virtualisation vs Physical Harware RAIDs

The advent of virtualisation in the IT industry has brought about many drastic changes in the way that corporate data is stored: administrators everywhere are looking at this technology in order to consolidate old hardware and to find a streamlined solution for their storage needs. The big question from a data recovery point of view is: which is safer, data stored in a virtualised environment or data stored directly on …Read More