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Sun, Sand and SQL: Remote recovery of a massive database

Remote data recovery (RDR) is one of our most powerful and efficient options when it comes to corporate data recovery, never was this better illustrated than in this case. A telecommunications company based in Spain had a huge server containing a massive SQL 2000 database which one day wouldn’t mount, so they were unable to access business-critical data. Following a call to our Spanish office, the job was then referred …Read More

The security of accessing Cloud services

Understanding how accessing a Cloud can be secured and if it can be as secure as hoped is an issue that should be well-considered. Here, we hope to make things a little clearer. Although Clouds host an extensive range of services, professional and not, there is no distinguishing between the intelligence of an internal company server or an external one: quite simply if the server is configured to be secure, …Read More

Virtualisation, and why your server room could end up empty

There are many ways in which SMB’s can implement cloud computing and virtualisation: from cloud-based exchange email to virtual servers, the possibilities are mind blowing. In addition, many businesses are looking at virtualisation as a way of consolidating existing hardware and unifying their operating systems and services in to a single manageable environment. The most common way of deploying this, is to install virtualisation software on existing (or new) hardware. …Read More

Data loss is not unavoidable

Data loss can cause operational issues that can have a significant cost on businesses. And we’re not only talking about the loss of business, but also the cost of recovering the lost data. But can you protect yourself from this misfortune? All companies, from small businesses to multinationals to the home user are all subject to the daily whims of their computer. Although the causes, as well as the results …Read More

Data loss reasons: it’s probably someone’s fault, rather than something (part 1/2)

Operational mistakes and human error are two significant factors for a company to consider when thinking about data security. More than a quarter of all data loss can be traced back to employee error. Storage systems such as virtual servers and clouds, SAN (Storage Area Network) and NAS (Network Attached Storage) are becoming increasingly complex in order to cope with the increasing amount of data to be stored. IT administrators …Read More

Data security: what exactly are we talking about?

IT Security issues seem to have become a real subject of mythology in the digital world. Popular hearsay and the actual reality that has been explained by experts have become intermixed to create a confusion of gossip and rumour. So we ask ourselves what exactly are we talking about when we talk about data security? Much like the highway code which tells us about the different safety hazards of the …Read More

Private Hotspots and the problems they present

Nowadays, the increasing trend in BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) presents a significant point of concern for companies in terms of data security, as employees’ private devices are arguably more risky than corporate-controlled devices. Now companies and their data face the latest precarious trend: Bring Your Own Network (BYON). Every smartphone is capable of creating its own Wi-Fi hotspot by activating ‘tethering’ (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tethering), for whatever internet-related task you may have. …Read More

Over-focus on virtualisation cost savings can increase risk of data loss

Kroll Ontrack conducted research with VMware to understand perceptions about data management in virtual environments .  The first post in the series about the results of the research discussed one of the major misconceptions uncovered in the study – that data is safer in a virtualised world. The second misunderstanding relates to cost savings.  According to the survey, 43 per cent of respondents cited cost as the primary driver of …Read More

Beware risks of ill-advised attempts at virtual data recovery

When Kroll Ontrack and VMWare conducted a survey on data recovery in virtualised environments, three misperceptions stood out. The first assumption was that data was safer in a virtualised world. The second was the dangers of a blinkered focus on the low-cost benefits of virtualisation. The final revelation relates to data recovery procedures.  According to the survey, if virtualised data is lost, 36% of respondents would try to rebuild the data …Read More