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Hyper-Converged Storage: Blessing or Curse?

To understand hyper-converged storage or hyper-converged systems, you have to start by considering the initial situation: Many company data centres, not only in Germany, but throughout the world, have different IT systems running side by side in peaceful coexistence, and these are kept operational by those responsible with much effort. Different servers, storage devices or individual computers work under many different operating systems, network protocols and storage solutions, particularly in …Read More

Disaster recovery in a cold war nuclear bunker

This situation occurred quite a few years ago, which is why we can talk about it now, but the lessons learnt are still relevant today. The Situation Kroll Ontrack received a call from the NATO Communications and Information Agency situated just outside The Hague in The Netherlands.  They had a Windows 2000 server failure and could not bring the main data volume back online.  The data volume had the only …Read More

CHKDSK: Using a sledgehammer to crack a nut

The power of CHKDSK may be mighty, but if you’re only cracking a nut is it too much? A little background: originating in 15th century England, a sledgehammer was a large iron hammer primarily used for construction. Most of us have encountered hard drive problems from time to time and many of us have resorted to the hard drive-equivalent known as CHKDSK which will destroy anything in its path to …Read More

Common causes of data loss from virtual environments and 5 tips to protect your data

Based on a recent survey, Kroll Ontrack discovered that 40 per cent of organisations that store data in a virtual environment have experienced at least one data loss event in the past 12 months. The survey went on to reveal that only one third of companies were able to recover 100 per cent of their lost data. The other 67 per cent of respondents disclosed that they were not able …Read More

Myth: Deleted VMware VMDK files cannot be recovered

With reference to the myth that deleted VMware® virtual disks are not recoverable I would like to discuss a case where Kroll Ontrack busted this myth wide open. The Client A VMware customer contacted VMware support after an incident at their premises. Due to the severity of the damage and uncertainty of what exactly had happened VMware support asked for their agreement for Kroll Ontrack to help assess the data …Read More

Virtualisation misconceptions: Replication is a backup

Virtualisation offers us many different ways of backing up our data, in addition to being able to ensure that business-critical systems remain online in the event of an emergency. One misunderstood and valuable tool is that of replication. Replication is a process whereby a virtual machine (VM) or any other chosen data is copied to a backup environment in real time. What this means is that if you make a …Read More

Limiting data loss from data stores: Virtualisation vs Physical Harware RAIDs

The advent of virtualisation in the IT industry has brought about many drastic changes in the way that corporate data is stored: administrators everywhere are looking at this technology in order to consolidate old hardware and to find a streamlined solution for their storage needs. The big question from a data recovery point of view is: which is safer, data stored in a virtualised environment or data stored directly on …Read More