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Hyper-Converged Storage: Blessing or Curse?

To understand hyper-converged storage or hyper-converged systems, you have to start by considering the initial situation: Many company data centres, not only in Germany, but throughout the world, have different IT systems running side by side in peaceful coexistence, and these are kept operational by those responsible with much effort. Different servers, storage devices or individual computers work under many different operating systems, network protocols and storage solutions, particularly in …Read More

Choosing a hypervisor: 5 things to consider

Virtualisation, for the uninitiated, describes the use of software to provide a complete, functional simulation of a hardware environment. Data can be stored, programmes can be run and memory can be managed exactly as if the virtual machine were an actual computer. Nowadays, this is very much an accepted part of business IT. To understand the benefits in a little more depth, imagine that your company runs half a dozen …Read More

Avoiding Hyper-V recovery: Building a disaster recovery strategy into your Hyper-V deployments

According to Microsoft, large companies lose between $80,000 and $90,000 (£47,000-£53,000) for every hour of downtime they encounter. These kinds of losses occur regardless of whether your business uses physical or virtual servers however, so a good disaster recovery plan is essential in every situation. Anecdotally, the recovery of virtual servers is easier than their physical counterparts, so how do you go about building disaster recovery into your Hyper-V strategy? …Read More