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Not if, but when: the Cloud becoming one of the standards for SQL Server?

The cloud. Most of us use its powers personally on a daily basis and never really give it much thought. You know, all of those status updates and pictures of meals you share with your friends? The magical power of the cloud is behind all of that. Without it, no one would know that Darren’s #mochatime mocha was delicious. #mochatime #rocknrollfriday pic.twitter.com/ma1553Ul1T — Darren Thackeray (@red_mosquito_) January 16, 2015 But …Read More

Dropped SQL table? A better solution has arrived!

The last few months, I’ve been writing about a common problem that exists in the DBA world: the request to restore a SQL table from a backup or storage-tier snapshots. Whether it is tackled by a SQL DBA, Developer, Consultant or “Jack of All Trades,” who supports SQL in addition to many other IT roles, these requests take time. Why? Because the native restore process, which is the most common …Read More