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Smartphones and tablets disposal and recycling: How to protect your data on mobile devices [part 2/3]

In the first part of this article we have highlighted how much information can be found in our smartphones and tablets and the danger of leaving unrestricted access to these data when we decide to sell or dispose of our device. Obviously there is a need to permanently delete the data as the only way to ensure their own protection. In this second post we will show how you can protect your …Read More

Data storage on mobile phones & devices

It’s a surprisingly common occurrence – just a quick installation of a new app on your smartphone or tablet and it ceases up and stops working. The mobile phone or tablet hangs during the installation process and may not even boot up if you try to restart. Nevertheless, in many cases data on the device has simply disappeared. Or perhaps the user was careless and the expensive device simply falls to the ground or even …Read More

Connected devices – where is my data?

Connected devices are invading our everyday lives and they’re not going anywhere any time soon. Smartphones are their main point of command and control, the web is almost unavoidable as it provides for many services, including social networks. So, where does the data go on connected devices? Connected devices work on the principle of being controlled by a computer device, such as a smartphone, computer, etc. However, what really gives …Read More