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Top 10 Data Disasters of 2014

10. Water Damage at a Fire Call (Germany) A firefighter was fighting a fire when his Nokia Lumia 610 was damaged by water. He lost all of his data including photos of family and friends. Kroll Ontrack was asked to help and successfully recovered 732 photos from the phone. 9. Late (United States) One company was preparing for a new IT infrastructure. The new storage array was waiting to be …Read More

A server for sharing content at home

The home is an area of investigation for the most enjoyable uses of data. There is a great common demand for a server to share content with others inside and outside the home or to access the content from outside the home. Since the content is data, sharing content in the home can be achieved in many ways, which are not always easy to grasp. Although, there are “classic” methods …Read More

CHKDSK: Using a sledgehammer to crack a nut

The power of CHKDSK may be mighty, but if you’re only cracking a nut is it too much? A little background: originating in 15th century England, a sledgehammer was a large iron hammer primarily used for construction. Most of us have encountered hard drive problems from time to time and many of us have resorted to the hard drive-equivalent known as CHKDSK which will destroy anything in its path to …Read More