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Guest post: Are you asking your IT asset disposal provider the right questions?

When refreshing your company’s IT equipment, you have to consider the following: where should the old equipment go and how should you dispose of it? If you are looking for the most environmentally-friendly solution, you should consider looking for a commercial or third sector IT refurbisher, as  refurbishing a computer is 20 times more energy efficient than recycling it. But with many IT refurbishing companies, you need to ask the right …Read More

Data for Sale: 80% of Second Hand IT Equipment Dealers have it wrong

You’ve got rid of an old disk drive, computer or mobile phone and you thought all your problems related to your old device disappeared like magic. Well, unfortunately not. All this is not as simple as you expected.  Your data might become accessible to unscrupulous third parties and your moment of elation will probably disappear very quickly. We have investigated how the second hand device dealers deal with data management. …Read More