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5 things you need to know about the Right to be Forgotten

How did the “Right to be Forgotten” come into existence? There have been over 18,000 requests by Britons to remove over 60,000 web links from Google since the ‘right to be forgotten’ was introduced in May this year and approximately 35% of these links have already been removed. The ruling made by the European Court of Justice was the result of a complaint made in 2010 by a Spanish citizen, …Read More

How to delete data in a secure environment

Deleting data in a secure environment involves two main concerns: making sure the data has not left the physical place where it is stored, and carrying out the erasure in accordance with strict rules to prevent it becoming recoverable. We cannot say it enough times: the most critical and important data should never leave the environment where it is being managed in a safe and controlled manner. This is especially …Read More

Secure data erasure & citizens’ data protection – the EU’s resolutions for 2014

In the world of increasingly digital in which we live, erasing obsolete data stored on media such as hard drives and SSD memory has become a strategic issue in economic and political terms. This has become increasingly important after the incidents such as the NHS Surrey’s data loss and wider issues such as the recent revelation of the NSA’s activities on European soil. More than a good resolution, erasing private …Read More

How to securely erase data from SSDs: 4 questions answered

What are the areas of an SSD where the data is stored? SSDs have four main areas where data is stored: System Area blocks (firmware, etc.) are generally stored in the first few blocks, but can be located anywhere.  No user data is stored in this area. Spare blocks can be stored anywhere.  Old copies of user data are stored here, until the garbage collection routine erases them during idle …Read More