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Smartphones and tablets disposal and recycling: How to protect your data on mobile devices [part 2/3]

In the first part of this article we have highlighted how much information can be found in our smartphones and tablets and the danger of leaving unrestricted access to these data when we decide to sell or dispose of our device. Obviously there is a need to permanently delete the data as the only way to ensure their own protection. In this second post we will show how you can protect your …Read More

Top 10 Data Disasters of 2014

10. Water Damage at a Fire Call (Germany) A firefighter was fighting a fire when his Nokia Lumia 610 was damaged by water. He lost all of his data including photos of family and friends. Kroll Ontrack was asked to help and successfully recovered 732 photos from the phone. 9. Late (United States) One company was preparing for a new IT infrastructure. The new storage array was waiting to be …Read More

Connected devices – where is my data?

Connected devices are invading our everyday lives and they’re not going anywhere any time soon. Smartphones are their main point of command and control, the web is almost unavoidable as it provides for many services, including social networks. So, where does the data go on connected devices? Connected devices work on the principle of being controlled by a computer device, such as a smartphone, computer, etc. However, what really gives …Read More

Cross platform risks and what they mean for BYOD

Bring your own device – or BYOD – is becoming increasingly popular in the modern workplace. Many companies are now actively encouraging BYOD and, despite the cost implications (which will not be discussed here), there are more pressing concerns regarding the multitude of devices which have the potential to be used as business tools. Some of the most important of these to consider is security and data compatibility across multiple …Read More

A smashed screen doesn’t mean damaged data

Nowadays our smartphones and tablet PCs are great: small, light, practical and portable. But they are so easy to break; a metre’s fall to the floor is often more than enough for the screen to break, and a broken screen on a tactile display is pretty serious. Even if it’s possible to repair the screen, it can be quite time consuming and sometimes even more expensive than the device itself. …Read More