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Ransomware – should I pay or not?

Ransomware has been a growing threat for several years now. It aims to reach a computer, block the user’s access to the operating system or files, and extort ransom for unlocking the machine. Ransomware is evolving rapidly and finding new ways of compromising machines. Depending on the mechanisms used, it can result in stress and irritation, or pose a serious security threat. How does ransomware work, how can you defend …Read More

How did the Equation group virus get on to our hard drives?

A report released by Kaspersky Lab last week detailing a shadowy organisation they call “Equation” has sent shockwaves through the security community. According to Kaspersky’s findings, millions of PCs have been “infected” with a form of malware, which affects the BIOS built into the physical hardware. Unlike most computer viruses however, there is no way to remove the Equation malware because it loaded before any operating system can be booted. …Read More

Data security tops the list for data recovery hot topics from 2014 [video]

Looking back on 2014, the trends that impacted the data recovery industry throughout the year were very clear. We received quite a lot of feedback from our engineers about these trends and how they will become prevalent for businesses and individuals in 2015. Data security, business continuity and mobile devices were among the biggest trends impacting the data recovery industry in 2014. The most talked about trend however was how …Read More