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What is data loss?

You’d have a tough time nowadays finding a person who’s never had a run-in with data loss. We’ve all known that sinking feeling when a power cut or crash sends an unsaved Word document spinning into the void, or when an internet connection cuts out and a web page full of forms is wiped blank. In the modern age, data loss is as certain as death and taxes. It’s also …Read More

Ransomware – should I pay or not?

Ransomware has been a growing threat for several years now. It aims to reach a computer, block the user’s access to the operating system or files, and extort ransom for unlocking the machine. Ransomware is evolving rapidly and finding new ways of compromising machines. Depending on the mechanisms used, it can result in stress and irritation, or pose a serious security threat. How does ransomware work, how can you defend …Read More