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7 Key Technology Predictions for 2015

As a senior research and development engineer at Kroll Ontrack, my team and I have seen many new trends and challenges over the past year. Following on from these, we have taken a look at the future for technology and how this will affect data recovery. Here are some of the key changes and trends we can look forward to in 2015. 1. Data loss from mobile devices During 2014, …Read More

Disaster recovery – 4 people that need to be involved if the worst happens.

When dealing with a data loss scenario, time is of the essence. Your users need their data and they need it now. Carrying out a data recovery operation relies on having the right team in place to assist. If you get the balance wrong, you will end up wasting valuable minutes that cost your business money and that dent your reputation. A technician or backup operator Key to the data …Read More

Top 10 Data Disasters of 2014

10. Water Damage at a Fire Call (Germany) A firefighter was fighting a fire when his Nokia Lumia 610 was damaged by water. He lost all of his data including photos of family and friends. Kroll Ontrack was asked to help and successfully recovered 732 photos from the phone. 9. Late (United States) One company was preparing for a new IT infrastructure. The new storage array was waiting to be …Read More

Because even IT admins need a break – 5 tips to protect your “me” time

Although the holiday season is supposed to be a period of feasting and making merry, peace and joy, for the IT administrator there is always a nagging doubt that something is going to go wrong, spoiling their Christmas or end-of-year break. Something that means you have to rush into the office, or leaves a big mess to be fixed upon your return in January. Here are five tasks you need …Read More