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A history of data storage & recovery [interactive infographic]

Nowadays we have computers with high storage capacity, we can store our data in the cloud and smartphones that can help us access it all at the drop of a hat.. We have grown accustom to technology which is becoming harder live without. But, of course, technology has had to evolve into what it is now. For example, you may know that in 1984 Apple launched its first Mac computer, …Read More

You won’t believe how some people lose data! [infographic]

We have been working hard to gather the best data loss stories from our offices around the globe for our annual list of the Top 10 Data Disasters.  Every day, our engineers perform amazing recoveries from media damaged beyond belief, so we have plenty of interesting stories to share. As we grow more and more dependent on our data (do you even remember the last time you had to memorise …Read More

Can you trust your backups? It’s the time of year for a spring clean (with infographic)

As winter turns to spring, (if at the moment in name only) many of us feel a need to de-clutter and clean our homes and offices.  It’s a timely reminder that data can also accumulate in organisations’ IT systems and archives, making it difficult to manage and expensive to store. An important part of any organisation’s data management strategy, along with aiming for 100% availability and securely deleting data that’s …Read More