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Using SMART tools to predict HDD failure

In a previous blog – MTBF: Can it help predict hard drive failure? – we noted that the best-known methods for predicting hard disk drive (HDD) failure aren’t what you’d call scientific. Grinding and thrashing noises are a reliable indicator that a HDD is about to give up the ghost, for example, but that’s cold comfort when your drives are sitting in a remote data centre and therefore out of earshot. Hard drive manufacturers, …Read More

HDD vs SSD vs hybrid storage: A guide for your business

Given that businesses are having to store and process an ever-more unwieldy quantity of corporate data in the current information-heavy age, it’s become increasingly essential for companies to consider their choice of storage solutions wisely. Following a long period of market domination by the traditional hard disk drive (HDD), the last few years have seen a number of newer, more advanced options coming onto the market, offering several advantages over …Read More

Top 10 Data Disasters of 2014

10. Water Damage at a Fire Call (Germany) A firefighter was fighting a fire when his Nokia Lumia 610 was damaged by water. He lost all of his data including photos of family and friends. Kroll Ontrack was asked to help and successfully recovered 732 photos from the phone. 9. Late (United States) One company was preparing for a new IT infrastructure. The new storage array was waiting to be …Read More

HDD vs. SSD – Challenges with new technologies [video part 2]

In this video I will be looking at some of the common issues that a user when faces with recovery, erasure and encryption scenarios. Why recoveries are time consuming, what issues does wear levelling cause when an engineer performs a reconstruction and why do manufacturers use different configurations or algorithms to store data. With encryption what are the potential risks from a user point of view. What happens in a …Read More

The dangers of trying too hard with data recovery software

When faced with a data recovery (DR) situation, many people turn to widely available DR software tools. Whether they be free or paid ones, a user’s ultimate aim is to try everything they can before having to send their hard drive to a professional company for recovery (mostly due to cost implications). Although understandable, this can sometimes be detrimental. Running software recovery tools on a drive which is not mechanically sound, …Read More

Gently does it: take care with your hardware

One of the most common data recovery scenarios that we see are cases where hard drives (both internal and external) have stopped working as a result of being dropped or knocked. Although most commonly occurring with laptops, this is also a regular occurrence with external storage devices. It is very easy for someone to accidentally knock a drive from the top of their desk, for example. Although 3.5″ (desktop) drives are …Read More