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Accessing Legacy Data from Microsoft Exchange & SharePoint Backups

There you are, on the brink of technology.  You want to install and upgrade your environment to the latest and greatest version.  Or perhaps you have already upgraded and now you’re trying to figure out how to restore the legacy data.  In either case, knowing how to do it is the Holy Grail. Most of what you have to do is dictated by your data retention policy.  If you are …Read More

Beware the blob!

BLOBs, Binary Large Objects, are increasing their consumption of storage space and running havoc in SharePoint environments. Ontrack PowerControls 7.1 provides you with the weapons to fight back! Fight Back with Granular Search and Restoration A major challenge all SharePoint administrators face is the requirement to store BLOBs on the most expensive tier of storage when alternative, less-expensive tiers of storage can be used. “BLOBs consume 80-95 per cent of …Read More