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Secure data exchange with SSL

SSL is a method for securing data exchange by creating a digital tunnel that doesn’t allow third-party access. This secure data tunnel can be operated in a public network, such as the Internet. So, who needs SSL and why do they need it? SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer. This technology is associated with the network principal of TCP/IP, which integrally uses the Internet. With SSL, information flows through the …Read More

Keeping safe online – securely accessing data

A little while ago, the security breach in the version of the SSL secure connection on certain servers made headlines in the press. The lack of security in accessing data can change systems and the trust we place in them. Espionage, piracy, theft, vandalism and blackmail are just some of the risks associated with lack of data security. So, who needs secure access to data and why do they need …Read More

HDD vs. SSD – Challenges with new technologies [video part 2]

In this video I will be looking at some of the common issues that a user when faces with recovery, erasure and encryption scenarios. Why recoveries are time consuming, what issues does wear levelling cause when an engineer performs a reconstruction and why do manufacturers use different configurations or algorithms to store data. With encryption what are the potential risks from a user point of view. What happens in a …Read More

Post data loss – When to use software or expert services?

Losing data can be an emotional experience. There’s an initial moment of panic, followed by deep irritation, frustration or even despair. Step 1 – Does the data lost warrant any form of recovery action? When the initial emotions pass, most people start to consider whether it’s worth the effort or the money to recover the lost files.  Personal data such as family photos are valued highly and many want them …Read More