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What to consider before you redeploy IT equipment

It’s often smarter to redeploy your organisation’s old IT equipment than to throw it away. Say someone hands in their notice a few months after getting their hands on a shiny new company laptop, for example, or an exec decides to exchange a functional smartphone or tablet for a higher-spec model. There’s no sense in retiring old devices when they’re still working and other employees might get some use out …Read More

Introducing an extended tape standard – Long live LTO!

In mid-September, the new extended roadmap for LTO tape format was finally released. It shows that magnetic tape is still the key storage medium during times of growing storage requirements. Large amounts of data (big data) need to be stored for archive and backup materials, both inexpensively and for the long term. This is also reflected in the new format types which have been presented, LTO 9 and LTO 10. The most …Read More

7 Key Technology Predictions for 2015

As a senior research and development engineer at Kroll Ontrack, my team and I have seen many new trends and challenges over the past year. Following on from these, we have taken a look at the future for technology and how this will affect data recovery. Here are some of the key changes and trends we can look forward to in 2015. 1. Data loss from mobile devices During 2014, …Read More