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Disaster recovery – 4 people that need to be involved if the worst happens.

When dealing with a data loss scenario, time is of the essence. Your users need their data and they need it now. Carrying out a data recovery operation relies on having the right team in place to assist. If you get the balance wrong, you will end up wasting valuable minutes that cost your business money and that dent your reputation. A technician or backup operator Key to the data …Read More

Disaster recovery in a cold war nuclear bunker

This situation occurred quite a few years ago, which is why we can talk about it now, but the lessons learnt are still relevant today. The Situation Kroll Ontrack received a call from the NATO Communications and Information Agency situated just outside The Hague in The Netherlands.  They had a Windows 2000 server failure and could not bring the main data volume back online.  The data volume had the only …Read More