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Does privacy matter to IT managers? 4 out of 5 are not aware of impending EU changes.

More than 80% of IT managers surveyed in Germany, France, Britain and Italy know nothing about the content and impact of the new European Data Protection Regulation, which will be published next year. This resulted from a survey of 660 companies conducted in August and September jointly with our partner Blancco, a leading manufacturer of specialized data erasure software. While 51% of respondents believe that the new rules will affect …Read More

How to delete data in a secure environment

Deleting data in a secure environment involves two main concerns: making sure the data has not left the physical place where it is stored, and carrying out the erasure in accordance with strict rules to prevent it becoming recoverable. We cannot say it enough times: the most critical and important data should never leave the environment where it is being managed in a safe and controlled manner. This is especially …Read More