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Using SMART tools to predict HDD failure

In a previous blog – MTBF: Can it help predict hard drive failure? – we noted that the best-known methods for predicting hard disk drive (HDD) failure aren’t what you’d call scientific. Grinding and thrashing noises are a reliable indicator that a HDD is about to give up the ghost, for example, but that’s cold comfort when your drives are sitting in a remote data centre and therefore out of earshot. Hard drive manufacturers, …Read More

Mean Time Between Failures: Can it help predict hard drive failure?

Here at Kroll Ontrack, we’re well aware that data loss can affect anyone. For many of us, it comes in the form of hard disk drive (HDD) failure – an umbrella term for mechanical, electronic and logical defects that render the information stored therein unreadable. There are dozens of possible causes for this type of malfunction, ranging from logical software errors to physical damage and overheating – and, of course, …Read More

What is hybrid storage? The emergence of a new technology

For the past decade or so, solid state drives (SSDs) have been the golden child of the storage world. These devices are basically hard disk replacements that use the same flash memory found in USB drives, mobile phones and SD cards, and they offer a long list of benefits against their electromechanical counterparts: they have no moving parts, are more resistant to impact and other forms of physical stress, and …Read More

Guest Post: Consider all the variables when deciding on storage

For those in the market for storage for their home or SMB, the discussion of the moment is deciding between local or cloud based storage. On both sides of the fence there are a wealth of options from several different brands but it’s critical that decision makers get down to the core of how these solutions operate, their demands on other infrastructure, and how it will affect you or your …Read More

But first, how do we store a #selfie?

In the world of social networks, the lifespan of data has been shortened to just a few moments. You upload your selfie, you enjoy the ‘likes’ for a couple of hours, and then you upload another one – pushing another batch of data into virtual oblivion. Have you ever wondered where your photos end up after their death? Yes – they go into a “cyber graveyard” or – if you …Read More

Can data storage technology get any smaller?

Data storage technologies for years have been going in one direction – data carriers needed to be ever smaller, with ever larger storage capacity, as well as energy-efficiency (economical), and fast. You cannot have everything at once, of course, but miracles do happen and sometimes an idea appears in line with the famous Apple slogan “think different”. The creator of shingled magnetic recording certainly thought differently. Until recently there was only …Read More

Sharing Confidential Information over the Cloud

The risks associated with access to data for certain individuals, namely those who don’t need access to it, needs to be taken into account when sharing business data with other people within the same company, but not necessarily everyone, or with other partners and corporate clients, but not necessarily all of them. Confidential data sharing is not actually difficult, but the operating environment must be designed for it. Anything that …Read More

A server for sharing content at home

The home is an area of investigation for the most enjoyable uses of data. There is a great common demand for a server to share content with others inside and outside the home or to access the content from outside the home. Since the content is data, sharing content in the home can be achieved in many ways, which are not always easy to grasp. Although, there are “classic” methods …Read More