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HDD vs SSD vs hybrid storage: A guide for your business

Given that businesses are having to store and process an ever-more unwieldy quantity of corporate data in the current information-heavy age, it’s become increasingly essential for companies to consider their choice of storage solutions wisely. Following a long period of market domination by the traditional hard disk drive (HDD), the last few years have seen a number of newer, more advanced options coming onto the market, offering several advantages over …Read More

5 things you need to know about the Right to be Forgotten

How did the “Right to be Forgotten” come into existence? There have been over 18,000 requests by Britons to remove over 60,000 web links from Google since the ‘right to be forgotten’ was introduced in May this year and approximately 35% of these links have already been removed. The ruling made by the European Court of Justice was the result of a complaint made in 2010 by a Spanish citizen, …Read More

You know you’re a hardcore systems admin when…

So you’re a systems administrator. But are you hardcore? Use the checklist below to score yourself and see whether you are a great systems administrator or a member of the hardcore elite. 1. You don’t use automation tools Operating system vendors like Microsoft have provided various command line and scripting interfaces for automating systems management and you’re damn well going to use them. Sure there’s the Script-o-Matic tool, but GUIs …Read More

Managing the data lifecycle

In addition to the operational and functional aspect of the control of the daily data lifecycle, it is the responsibility of companies to implement a strategy that meets regulatory requirements so that they ensure data compliance. Here we provide some ideas on how a small enterprise should carry this out. The data lifecycle relates to its entire life, from its inception until its destruction, recycling or retrieval, as the case …Read More

Secure data exchange with SSL

SSL is a method for securing data exchange by creating a digital tunnel that doesn’t allow third-party access. This secure data tunnel can be operated in a public network, such as the Internet. So, who needs SSL and why do they need it? SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer. This technology is associated with the network principal of TCP/IP, which integrally uses the Internet. With SSL, information flows through the …Read More

Data migration is a part of the data lifecycle

A variety of methods are used to migrate data. These range from a raw copy of a data structure to an import/export, which can present certain issues. Thus, data migration is part of the data lifecycle. Migrating your data means transferring it from one system to another, from one program to another or from one media support to another. Data migration is an integral part of the data lifecycle within …Read More

Your weekly IT admin checklist – 4 key areas to monitor

A good IT admin maintenance schedule will help ensure that your business runs smoothly and you don’t waste a lot of your IT budget “fighting fires”. The following checklist will help you get your own maintenance schedule in order and cut down on some of the more common support tasks. Check backups Effectively your last line of defence against a data disaster, checking the status of overnight backup jobs should …Read More

What is the data lifecycle?

Data has a lifespan: it is created; it lives; it is retired. It is rarely all retired at the same time. This is the advantage of digital technology, which knows how to recycle it. However, it doesn’t do this any old way: it does this with a sense of organisation. It comes full circle, which is what we’re going to talk about here: the data lifecycle. It is unimaginable not …Read More

Surge in mergers and acquisitions drives need for intensive data management

The proposed acquisition of Astra Zeneca by Pfizer has been dominating the business news for several weeks. This high profile case appears to be representative of a growing interest amongst corporates in mergers and acquisitions (M&A). According to the latest figures from Mergermarket, the first quarter of 2014 was the most active start to the year since 2011 in terms of M&A activity.  Global M&A was valued at US$ 599.1bn in …Read More

4 tips to manage and protect data on an Apple Mac

There is a wide spread understanding that Apple Macs do not get viruses and the operating system OSX tends to be much more stable than those on a Windows PCs (remember Windows Vista?). But, this is still not a good enough excuse to leave your data unprotected against unforeseen forces that may damage or cause you to lose your valuable data.  This is particularly relevant at the moment with the …Read More