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Not if, but when: the Cloud becoming one of the standards for SQL Server?

The cloud. Most of us use its powers personally on a daily basis and never really give it much thought. You know, all of those status updates and pictures of meals you share with your friends? The magical power of the cloud is behind all of that. Without it, no one would know that Darren’s #mochatime mocha was delicious. #mochatime #rocknrollfriday pic.twitter.com/ma1553Ul1T — Darren Thackeray (@red_mosquito_) January 16, 2015 But …Read More

Sharing Confidential Information over the Cloud

The risks associated with access to data for certain individuals, namely those who don’t need access to it, needs to be taken into account when sharing business data with other people within the same company, but not necessarily everyone, or with other partners and corporate clients, but not necessarily all of them. Confidential data sharing is not actually difficult, but the operating environment must be designed for it. Anything that …Read More

Consumer Cloud File Storage in the Workplace

The BYOD and Cloud revolution has a unique heritage in the history of IT developments because it has been driven by consumers rather than the IT department. Users have found apps and services that make their personal lives more efficient, before bringing those tools into the workplace seeking similar benefits. And so it is that Cloud file storage services have made their way through the corporate firewall, often without any …Read More

A server for sharing content at home

The home is an area of investigation for the most enjoyable uses of data. There is a great common demand for a server to share content with others inside and outside the home or to access the content from outside the home. Since the content is data, sharing content in the home can be achieved in many ways, which are not always easy to grasp. Although, there are “classic” methods …Read More

Connected devices – where is my data?

Connected devices are invading our everyday lives and they’re not going anywhere any time soon. Smartphones are their main point of command and control, the web is almost unavoidable as it provides for many services, including social networks. So, where does the data go on connected devices? Connected devices work on the principle of being controlled by a computer device, such as a smartphone, computer, etc. However, what really gives …Read More

What are the benefits of cloud resilience and what can it not guarantee?

The Cloud has the distinct ability that it is capable of resilience, meaning that it can rebuild or “bounce back” depending on the events which affect it. So let’s take a look at the benefits of cloud resilience and what it cannot guarantee. Cloud resilience is understood as a way to readapt to a “crisis situation”. This applies to the infrastructure and the data. The infrastructure, which is comprised of …Read More