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Consumer Cloud File Storage in the Workplace

The BYOD and Cloud revolution has a unique heritage in the history of IT developments because it has been driven by consumers rather than the IT department. Users have found apps and services that make their personal lives more efficient, before bringing those tools into the workplace seeking similar benefits. And so it is that Cloud file storage services have made their way through the corporate firewall, often without any …Read More

A server for sharing content at home

The home is an area of investigation for the most enjoyable uses of data. There is a great common demand for a server to share content with others inside and outside the home or to access the content from outside the home. Since the content is data, sharing content in the home can be achieved in many ways, which are not always easy to grasp. Although, there are “classic” methods …Read More

Data migration is a part of the data lifecycle

A variety of methods are used to migrate data. These range from a raw copy of a data structure to an import/export, which can present certain issues. Thus, data migration is part of the data lifecycle. Migrating your data means transferring it from one system to another, from one program to another or from one media support to another. Data migration is an integral part of the data lifecycle within …Read More

Avoiding data loss in the cloud

The benefits of cloud computing are clear. Data can be stored in the cloud and accessed virtually anywhere at any time. It can also be easily replaced and reduce IT costs. However, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are not benefitting from its full potential yet. While some have fears of data loss or virus attacks, which prevents them from using cloud storage, others are blindly entrusting their data to the …Read More

2 types of data loss that cloud backup services don’t cover & 5 tips on how to protect your data

At Kroll Ontrack we have recovered data for many customers who were using an internet backup service and assumed that their data was totally protected. They were caught out by the way these backups work, they did not realise that this backup method can have serious limitations, which resulted in them loosing valuable data. Backing up data via the internet using a backup service is becoming a common way of …Read More

Virtualisation, and why your server room could end up empty

There are many ways in which SMB’s can implement cloud computing and virtualisation: from cloud-based exchange email to virtual servers, the possibilities are mind blowing. In addition, many businesses are looking at virtualisation as a way of consolidating existing hardware and unifying their operating systems and services in to a single manageable environment. The most common way of deploying this, is to install virtualisation software on existing (or new) hardware. …Read More

Recovering data after leaving your Cloud service provider

What is the most complicated issue regarding data recovery when leaving a Cloud service provider? Virtual infrastructures, which, on the face of it, can seem the most complex? Does SaaS (Software as a Service) seem so simple? They are, in fact, not the issues. Choosing to leave a Cloud service provider can come about for various reasons. It depends, in part, on the services offered, and also on the service …Read More