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How to Assess the Quality & Security of a Cleanroom – 7 Questions to Ask

Make sure you properly evaluate your data recovery provider. You usually have only one opportunity to get your data back, so give yourself the best possible chance of a successful recovery: 1. What industry standards does their cleanroom follow? Don’t rely on images or video of technicians walking around in cleanroom suits or showing one neatly arranged work space. Verify the type of airflow system and make sure there is …Read More

Data Recovery Glossary [part 2]

Our last blog entry started a series of glossary posts about common data recovery terms. Here is the next batch of useful definitions. Formatting: It erases all the hard drive data and re-establishes the file system, readying it for an operating system to be installed. The reasons for doing this are several, e.g. our hard drive is running slowly and we want to improve performance, or we want to clean all …Read More