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6 Tips For Improving BYOD Security

Study after study seems to suggest that allowing staff to use their personal devices for work makes great business sense. Employees become more productive, work longer hours and are more efficient when they can use their own smartphones and tablets. However these advantages also come at significant risk to corporate data. Lost or stolen devices could provide a backdoor direct into your company network that can then be exploited by …Read More

Cross platform risks and what they mean for BYOD

Bring your own device – or BYOD – is becoming increasingly popular in the modern workplace. Many companies are now actively encouraging BYOD and, despite the cost implications (which will not be discussed here), there are more pressing concerns regarding the multitude of devices which have the potential to be used as business tools. Some of the most important of these to consider is security and data compatibility across multiple …Read More

Private Hotspots and the problems they present

Nowadays, the increasing trend in BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) presents a significant point of concern for companies in terms of data security, as employees’ private devices are arguably more risky than corporate-controlled devices. Now companies and their data face the latest precarious trend: Bring Your Own Network (BYON). Every smartphone is capable of creating its own Wi-Fi hotspot by activating ‘tethering’ (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tethering), for whatever internet-related task you may have. …Read More

Yahoo! Bids Farewell to Working from Home

Teleworking, or working from home as it is more commonly known, is not an option available to Google employees and now Yahoo! wants to follow suit. Although it is a way of working that has existed for some time, many IT companies are now following the example of these two internet giants and putting an end to teleworking. But why? And is it a good idea? Well, anyone sat at …Read More