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An iPad is taken on the ultimate drive [video]

One of our customers accidentally dropped his iPad from a train, in the middle of remote woodland. Though recovered, the iPad was severely damaged and all the data was lost. Our specialist engineer reviewed the device to evaluate the damage and recovery possibilities. He found: the digitiser was destroyed, so the iPad did not respond to touch the second screen layer comprised of the LCD (which displays all the content) …Read More

The Mysterious Case of the Missing PCB

Think of a hard drive and the first thing that comes to mind is the platters, maybe the read-write heads, it’s seldom that people remember the printed circuit board (PCB) nestled snugly on the back of their hard drives. This – often overlooked – component is a crucial and integral part of keeping your data accessible and stored on your hard drive. The PCB can contain all sorts of important …Read More

Meet the Engineer: Peter Robinson

What is your name? Peter Robinson How long have you been at Kroll Ontrack? Just over 6 years What is your most unusual/challenging/interesting device to take apart to date? My most challenging take apart was an old Apple iBookG4, it came in late as an emergency, 24/7, job and need to be taken apart quickly which is not an easy thing with these laptops as they need to almost be …Read More