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UK firms may struggle to recover from disruption, survey says

Many companies in the UK may find themselves struggling to recover from business disruption brought about by IT problems like data loss and cyber attacks. This is according to a new study conducted by Quorum, which found that only one in three British firms (34 per cent) are confident in their ability to recover from issues in a matter of minutes. One reason for this is they may not know …Read More

2015 the year of ransomware, declares IBM

IBM has dubbed 2015 the ‘year of ransomware’, after it noted this is the most common type of incident that its security Emergency Response services teams have encountered since January. In the company’s latest quarterly threat report, it stated that there is a widespread belief among both businesses and criminals that this is a profitable form of cyber attack, and as such it will remain common into 2016 and beyond. …Read More

Data breaches named as biggest corporate crisis threat

A survey of businesses in Northern Ireland has revealed the majority of firms in the country regard data breaches as the biggest corporate crisis risk they face. The study, by law firm Pinsent Masons, revealed 83 per cent of organisations named the loss of corporate or customer data as their biggest threat, ahead of issues such as health and safety accidents or becoming embroiled in a bribery or corruption investigation. …Read More

Data loss incidents shake consumer confidence

The growing number of cyber attacks in which sensitive personal and financial details have been stolen is making consumers more wary about doing business online. This is according to a new survey from Symantec, which revealed that more than 12 million people in the UK were the victims of cyber crime in the last year, with individuals losing more than one working day dealing with the fallout from this. Fran …Read More

NI health trust denies data loss claims

A health trust in Northern Ireland has denied claims from a whistleblower that it suffered a data loss that put patients at risk. It was stated by a source that at least two weeks of sensitive information had been lost following a system failure at the Western Health and Social Care Trust’s Altnagelvin Hospital data centre, Derry Now reports. According to the whistleblower, the trust has no back-ups and, as …Read More