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Myth: When a large relational database is deleted it cannot be completely recovered, uncorrupted

Wrong Firstly, let’s look at some more common data loss scenarios and what can be done: Deleted Database: If the deletion is at the file system level as long as the metadata is intact and the data has not been overwritten it is possible to recover the database intact and complete. Deleted Rows: the deleted rows can be recovered as long as the table information is intact. Deleted Table/Dropped Table: …Read More

Myth: Deleted VMware VMDK files cannot be recovered

With reference to the myth that deleted VMware® virtual disks are not recoverable I would like to discuss a case where Kroll Ontrack busted this myth wide open. The Client A VMware customer contacted VMware support after an incident at their premises. Due to the severity of the damage and uncertainty of what exactly had happened VMware support asked for their agreement for Kroll Ontrack to help assess the data …Read More

4 tips to manage and protect data on an Apple Mac

There is a wide spread understanding that Apple Macs do not get viruses and the operating system OSX tends to be much more stable than those on a Windows PCs (remember Windows Vista?). But, this is still not a good enough excuse to leave your data unprotected against unforeseen forces that may damage or cause you to lose your valuable data.  This is particularly relevant at the moment with the …Read More

Weighing up the risks of data loss for a photographer’s workflow – from a data recovery engineer’s perspective

If you take all the precautions possible to prevent losing photo images you will soon find out that the process is slow, expensive and unless you are really ruthless with the delete key when reviewing your photos, you will have the additional task of managing a large photo library. There are many ways to streamline the process of moving images from camera to permanent storage and the key considerations to …Read More

6 travel tips to avoid data disasters

Michael Kohn from Lonely Planet recently wrote a blog post about Eight comment tech travel disasters. As we work at the world’s leading data recovery firm, we thought that we would share a few insights on six of eight of Michael’s travel disasters: Maximise your charging opportunities. Before you start looking at what backup batteries you need to take on holiday one of the essentials of every travel kit includes …Read More

3 things manufacturers don’t tell you about Solid State Drives (SSDs)

1. Data corruption risks due to poor design and insufficient testing When removing your SSD device from your computer, it is imperative to disconnect the device safely. Otherwise removing the power while the SSD is reading or writing data means you are taking the chance that the SSD device can shut itself down into a safe state within milliseconds.  This is a tall order and to expect it to work every time without …Read More

Post data loss – When to use software or expert services?

Losing data can be an emotional experience. There’s an initial moment of panic, followed by deep irritation, frustration or even despair. Step 1 – Does the data lost warrant any form of recovery action? When the initial emotions pass, most people start to consider whether it’s worth the effort or the money to recover the lost files.  Personal data such as family photos are valued highly and many want them …Read More

5 factors to consider when purchasing a HDD

As we work for a data recovery company and see all the HDDs that fail we often get asked the question: What is the best most reliable HDD to buy? It depends on many factors and if we were to quantify these by importance this would be our top five: 1. Design maturity How long has the model/type been in production. The latest high capacity leading edge technology HDD is often …Read More

Over-focus on virtualisation cost savings can increase risk of data loss

Kroll Ontrack conducted research with VMware to understand perceptions about data management in virtual environments .  The first post in the series about the results of the research discussed one of the major misconceptions uncovered in the study – that data is safer in a virtualised world. The second misunderstanding relates to cost savings.  According to the survey, 43 per cent of respondents cited cost as the primary driver of …Read More

Beware risks of ill-advised attempts at virtual data recovery

When Kroll Ontrack and VMWare conducted a survey on data recovery in virtualised environments, three misperceptions stood out. The first assumption was that data was safer in a virtualised world. The second was the dangers of a blinkered focus on the low-cost benefits of virtualisation. The final revelation relates to data recovery procedures.  According to the survey, if virtualised data is lost, 36% of respondents would try to rebuild the data …Read More