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Data loss is not unavoidable

Data loss can cause operational issues that can have a significant cost on businesses. And we’re not only talking about the loss of business, but also the cost of recovering the lost data. But can you protect yourself from this misfortune? All companies, from small businesses to multinationals to the home user are all subject to the daily whims of their computer. Although the causes, as well as the results …Read More

Seasons Greetings & 2012 Trends

Data encryption, virtualisation and BYOD were the biggest data recovery challenges in 2012 As businesses wind down for the holidays it’s a good time to reflect on the biggest data recovery challenges they faced in 2012. Engineers at Kroll Ontrack performed around 50,000 data recoveries during the year worldwide, but four of the fastest growing IT trends were associated with the some of the biggest data recovery challenges. Encryption was …Read More


The purpose of this blog is to share the insights of Kroll Ontrack engineers about data; whether it be finding, managing, recovering, searching, restoring or deleting it.  Our data recovery and information management experts provide advice, tips and other pieces of interest that we hope are useful in helping you to better manage your organisation’s data.  You are, of course invited to participate in the blog through subscribing to an …Read More