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Ransomware – should I pay or not?

Ransomware has been a growing threat for several years now. It aims to reach a computer, block the user’s access to the operating system or files, and extort ransom for unlocking the machine. Ransomware is evolving rapidly and finding new ways of compromising machines. Depending on the mechanisms used, it can result in stress and irritation, or pose a serious security threat. How does ransomware work, how can you defend …Read More

Can data storage technology get any smaller?

Data storage technologies for years have been going in one direction – data carriers needed to be ever smaller, with ever larger storage capacity, as well as energy-efficiency (economical), and fast. You cannot have everything at once, of course, but miracles do happen and sometimes an idea appears in line with the famous Apple slogan “think different”. The creator of shingled magnetic recording certainly thought differently. Until recently there was only …Read More

Data for Sale: 80% of Second Hand IT Equipment Dealers have it wrong

You’ve got rid of an old disk drive, computer or mobile phone and you thought all your problems related to your old device disappeared like magic. Well, unfortunately not. All this is not as simple as you expected.  Your data might become accessible to unscrupulous third parties and your moment of elation will probably disappear very quickly. We have investigated how the second hand device dealers deal with data management. …Read More