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Data Recovery

Data Recovery

Recover your data

Kroll Ontrack is the world's leading data recovery company. Trust your critical data with the experts.

Erase Data Securely

Secure Data Erasure

Erase Data Securely

Erase data securely with our software- & hardware-based data erasure solutions.

Exchange, SharePoint &
SQL Server

Exchange, SharePoint & SQL Server

Exchange, SharePoint & SQL Server

Ontrack® PowerControls™ gives you extensive control over Exchange™, SharePoint™ & SQL Server™.

Legal Document Review

Legal Document Review

Legal Document Review

Kroll Ontrack is the world's leading data recovery company. Trust your critical data with the experts.

Success stories

"As one of the UK's leading IT disposal companies we are demanding in terms of our security needs and Kroll Ontrack have demonstrated flexibility and willingness to accommodate our requirements. We are looking forward to the Ontrack Eraser upgrade because it promises to be even more powerful and enable us to securely erase VMware system data for the first time."

Jean-Pierre Naylor

Director at Computer Disposals Ltd

"At Alternativ Data, we needed a robust software tool that could handle wiping 18,000 used drives annually, so we could resell those drives afterwards. Ontrack Eraser does just that for us. It enables us to wipe a very large number of drives efficiently, while also providing detailed reports that confirm which drives were wiped and when."

Ståle Hagen-Arnsen

Logistics and security manager at Alternativ Data

Ontrack Eraser and Ontrack Eraser Degausser accreditations & approvals

Ontrack Eraser & Ontrack Eraser Degausser accreditations & approvals

Kroll Ontrack products & software knowledge centre

The range of software solutions offered by Kroll Ontrack give system administrators, IT managers, directors, litigation support personnel and lawyers the power to manage, store, migrate, intelligently search and recover their data. The expertise and experience gained by Kroll Ontrack in the areas of data recovery, information storage management, computer forensics and electronic disclosure has gone into developing this powerful, yet easy to use suite of software products.

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Data Recovery Software

If you have encountered a data loss situation and your hard drive and other hardware is still functioning as expected then it is likely that you might be able to resolve the situation with a data recovery software package. Ontrack EasyRecovery is one of the most flexible and user friendly hard drive recovery software packages available on the market. It can assist with file recovery, partition recovery, deleted files, corrupted files, lost operating systems and other software-based file system errors, and is available for both Microsoft® Windows® and Apple® Mac®.

A cost-effective approach to recovery software, Ontrack EasyRecovery Home is available for home users which can take care of most software-based data loss problems that are encountered by a home or small business user. For businesses that require the next level of hard drive recovery software protection, Ontrack EasyRecovery Professional can perform simple email recovery, perform bad block/block usage diagnostics, take hard drive images, perform copy disks and refresh disks and much more. If a larger business requires the convenience of utilising data recovery software over a network and/or RAID recovery support, then Ontrack EasyRecovery Enterprise has all the tools in one place.

Exchange Management & Recovery Software

Ontrack PowerControls for Microsoft Exchange makes the life of an Exchange administrator easier, giving them the power to quickly and easily perform email restorations, mailbox migrations, mail system recoveries, email archive restorations and much more. With a range of licencing options for both end users and resellers, Ontrack PowerControls is flexible in functionality and in commerciality. Bottom line, it saves businesses time and money whilst increasing the power of their Microsoft Exchange environment.

SharePoint Management & Recovery Software

Many organisations run their document management systems through Microsoft SharePoint, increasing their efficiencies when working across large projects, time zones, geographical regions and cross functional relationships. However, depending on the document management setup, this can cause problems for system administrators. Fortunately Ontrack PowerControls for Microsoft SharePoint provides these system administrators with powerful and cost-effective tools to effectively manage their SharePoint environments. Ontrack PowerControls can assist with fast content searching of current or archived SharePoint files without the need to restore complete backups, once the required documents have been located they can be individually be restored to their former location. It can also provide the system administrator with an easy way to perform SharePoint migrations across different environments or different SharePoint versions.

Software to erase data securely

It is said that we are now living in the information age, where data is critical to success but also to failure. Most businesses generate masses of data each day, quite a lot of it sensitive, which is why it is vital to ensure that data is erased securely. Ontrack Eraser can provides system administrators, IT managers and company directors piece of mind that when they click delete, files stay deleted. Once this has occurred, the hard drive is able to be reused for other purposes. Ontrack Eraser even goes as far to securely erase data from VMware machines, network attached storage and other storage area network media.

Ontrack Eraser is certified as CESG compliant, is by NATO at CONFIDENTIAL level and is endorsed by many governments, militaries and security forces around the world.

Securely erase data using our degausser

For ultimate piece of mind when securely deleting data, use the Ontrack Eraser Degausser hardware solution. Ontrack Eraser Degausser utilises magnetic fields to securely destroy data on magnetic media, such as hard disks, tapes and ZIP disks, when they have reached the end of their usable lives.

Ontrack Eraser Degausser is CESG-certified and is accredited by NATO at SECRET level, as well as being approved by many governments, militaries and security forces globally.

Hard drive management

Ontrack Disk Manager software gives you the convenience of being able to easily install any additional hard drives to your existing system, then automatically migrate files if required.

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