Ontrack Advanceview Early Data Assessment Technology

Cost-effective investigations and legal disclosure depend on identifying key information and finding the relevant data for review – as quickly as possible.

Let Ontrack® Advanceview™ early data assessment technology inform your decisions by giving you strategic insights into data, in a simple-to-use interface, prior to data processing and document review.

Achieve Cost Efficiencies through Early Data Assessment

Document review is still the most expensive component of legal disclsoure. Ontrack Advanceview technology can help reduce time and resources spent on this arduous process. By understanding what data is most likely relevant and non-duplicative, Ontrack Advanceview allows you to defensibly reduce the amount of data subject to processing and document review. You can validate decisions with statistical sampling and analytic reports from data both included and excluded from review.

Early Data Assessment Gives You the Strategic Edge

Ontrack Advanceview technology empowers you to identify themes in your case, informing the creation of early case theories and disclosure decisions.   This cutting-edge technology quickly identifies key facts, witnesses and events to advance your internal and regulatory investigations. Early visibility into your data gives you a powerful strategic advantage.

Full Array of Cutting-Edge Features

Continual advancements and innovations make Ontrack Advanceview the most sophisticated early data assessment tool available.

Some of the features contained within Ontrack Advanceview include:

  • E-mail Thread Analysis & Advanced Visualisations: Analyse your most potentially relevant communications by visually observing who is communicating with whom, when, and about what

  • Powerful, Flexible Searching: Search your entire data set or a strategic sample using traditional keyword and concept searching tools to drill down on relevant time frames and individuals; this valuable information is useful to defensibly determine data filtering parameters during processing

  • Data Dictionary: See the terms and their frequency within your document set, enabling you to determine which key terms are important for use as search terms during data processing and document review

  • Robust De-Duplication & Near-Duplicate Capabilities: Cut duplicative documents from your data set before processing and compare differences between near-duplicate documents that may be crucial to understanding your case

  • Topic Grouping: Evaluate volumes of documents for relevance quickly and accurately once similar documents are automatically grouped together and labelled for quick identification

When it comes time for review, your data may be quickly, securely and seamlessly converted to Ontrack® Inview™, our award-winning document review tool.


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