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Encrypted Data Recovery

Decryption on the Fly

Through a recent technological breakthrough, Kroll Ontrack can recover data from encrypted media in hours, much quicker than the industry-standard time periods.


Kroll Ontrack is the world's leading data recovery, computer forensics and electronic discovery service provider. As recognised experts in data security and fraud solutions, they understand the importance of protecting sensitive client data. Kroll Ontrack service operations are audited annually by an external security firm to provide their clients confidence in their security protocols and policies.

Ontrack® Data Recovery engineers have the experience to recover encrypted media and files. Furthermore, Kroll Ontrack engineers use best practices for data security protocols to ensure data privacy through all stages of the data recovery process.

Kroll Ontrack has security clearances for many government organisations and is trusted by FTSE 100 organisations to handle and recover data. This gives you the peace of mind in knowing that your data is safe during the recovery process.

Your recovered data is re-encrypted before it is returned to you; ensuring that your critical data is not at risk after the recovery process.

How Encrypted Data Recovery Works

Hardware encryption will not prevent data extraction, however, the user name and password used for the device or data will be required for data decryption.

For encrypted storage hard disk drives or encrypted file 'containers,' please be prepared to provide encryption information to your Ontrack Data Recovery services representative. This will prevent any delays in performing the data recovery.

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Important: Successful recovery of any email application requires that the files are stored locally on your computer, mobile phone, tablet or smartphone.

Data recovery service options for encrypted data

If your organisation's security policies do not have a provision to release encryption passphrases, passwords, or other administrator information, Kroll Ontrack has other options available including on-site data recovery, remote data recovery, and client-attended recovery.


Partner: Oracle
Kroll Ontrack has a longstanding industry partnership with Oracle.

Partner: HP
Kroll Ontrack have a long historical relationship with HP.

Partner: VMware
Kroll Ontrack can recover data from all VMware virtual environments.

Partner: Microsoft
Kroll Ontrack is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner.



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