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Ontrack® Data Recovery services from Kroll Ontrack is the fastest and most effective way to recover from an unexpected data loss. 50,000 customers from consumers to FTSE 100 companies rely on our best-in-class data recovery services each year.

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23 May, 2016

Legal Technologies

West Dunbartonshire Council receives ICO ...

West Dunbartonshire Council has received notice from the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) after failing to train staff in data protection.  The authority was told to introduce new teaching on several occasions and was advised to ...

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20 May, 2016

London NHS Trust fined after newsletter data

Legal Technologies

19 May, 2016

Large businesses affected by data breaches

Data Recovery News

Success stories

  • "The data was invaluable and I am very happy that Kroll Ontrack was able to recover my data. I will not again waste my time with other companies who, in this case, failed to recover any data at all. Kroll Ontrack has amazed me with first class service and a successful recovery. Every penny spent with your company is an investment and the returns are more than I expected. Kroll Ontrack is a company that I can highly recommend."

    Jason Peake

  • "The service was perfect, have used you before and if I wasn't happy then wouldn't have come back to you. I sent a job to you as the customers premises had burnt down and the limited (compared to you) equipment I have couldn't do the job so sent it to the experts!"

    Gerard Hogan

  • "Kroll were amazing, we had a drive fail with critical data on it (faculty research data) that we needed recovering, Kroll went above and beyond to get the data back to us on an encrypted USB drive. Fantastic service, excellent turn around time, thoroughly recommend to anyone go to Kroll first."

    Shaun Russell

    London Business School
  • "Kroll Ontrak were fantastic. My hard drive got broken and within minutes of getting in touch I was put at ease. Lucy, the assistant was amazing and explained the whole process and once I sent off my drive to get fixed she was in regular contact to let me know how the recovery was proceeding. I got my hard drive back with everything on it. A great company with great staff. Thanks very much and keep up the good work."

    Liz Gillis

  • "Excellent Service. I always received up to date information about at what stage the recovery was at.. I would recommend this service to others."

    Lisa Vaja


Data recovery knowledge centre

When you trust your critical business data with Kroll Ontrack, you are placing your data in safe hands as Kroll Ontrack are the global pioneers of data recovery and data retrieval processes and technology, trusted by 50,000 people and businesses in similar situations, including NASA, who trusted Kroll Ontrack to recover data from the Columbia Space Shuttle.

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Expert Data Recovery Services

From the moment when you realise that your mobile device, laptop, desktop, server, raid array, virtualised environment or even your entire SAN/NAS system has failed and you have encountered a data loss it can be a harrowing experience. Whether it is for yourself or your company, no one wants to go through a data loss.

Some might be tempted to look for the cheapest deal or a 'no data no fee' service when researching data recovery companies, and however attractive they may appear, beware of anyone with less than a dust-free, static-free, certified class 100 clean room and some of the data recovery industry's leading experts at their disposal. It is things like poor data storage media-handling procedures, shortcuts on staff training, poor laboratory facilities etc. that can often lead to expensive consequences, such as a plethora of hidden extras, phoney data recovery success rate numbers and ultimately a data storage media that cannot be recovered.

In the extensive experience of Kroll Ontrack, we have found that in many data loss cases you only get one chance at a successful data recovery attempt. Many of the parts inside a hard disk drive are delicate, such as read/write heads which can sit less than four nanometres above a hard disk drive platter – to put this in perspective, a speck of dust can be around 10,000nm in diameter. This clearance means that even a smoke particle, a fingerprint or that speck of dust can cause the two surfaces to make contact and lead to a hard drive crash and potentially unrecoverable data. This is why it so often astounds the Ontrack Data Recovery engineers that customers choose lower quality alternatives to professional data recovery companies, often leading to additional hardware damage, causing the data on the storage media to be irretrievable.

How quickly do you need your data back?

Kroll Ontrack offers several Ontrack Data Recovery service levels to accommodate everyone from the largest government or enterprise organisation – with multiple raid arrays supporting NAS systems or SAN systems in internal networks or virtualised server environments. Through to home office and individual consumers who may have lost their digital photos or study assignments.

When the lost data so critical that it needs to be recovered as soon as humanly possible, the Ontrack Data Recovery emergency level or onsite service is what is recommended. Our on-site service involves our data recovery engineers travelling to the physical location of the data loss, bringing with them the tools to diagnose the data loss, and then commence the data retrieval the job there and then.

An emergency level data recovery is our highest priority, in-lab service whereby our engineers work on your data storage media 24/7 until all possible data can be retrieved from the media.

An express level data recovery is our priority in-lab service, for when retrieval of the data is urgent but not critical. Our engineers will prioritise the diagnosis and recovery, including working on Saturdays, until all possible data has been retrieved.

A standard level data recovery is our general in-lab service, providing a cost effective way of recovering data which isn't immediately critical to operations, but needs to be recovered anyway.

Our proprietary remote data recovery service allows enterprises and businesses a quick, convenient and cost effective alternative to in-lab and on-site services, suitable for data loss situations where the hardware is still functioning as expected but the system is experiencing a non-physical failure.

Your Ontrack Data Recovery consultant can walk you through the best service option for your needs. Speak to one today

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