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The shift away from paper files and the increased reliance on computers and other electronic devices to enhance efficiency has created new challenges for companies as they safeguard intellectual property, investigate fraud within their organisations, and protect their reputations from external threats.


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Computer Forensic Investigations

Computer Forensic Investigations

Computer Forensic Investigations

Our team of forensic experts will help you to prepare for and respond to any electronic evidence requirement.

Incident Readiness

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Incident Readiness

Is your organisation prepared for a data theft incident?

Evidence & Data Collection

Evidence & Data Collection

Evidence & Data Collection

We can perform evidence collections whilst maintaining chain-of-custody anywhere in the world.

Forensic Tape Services

Forensic Tape Services

Forensic Tape Services

The technology &, expertise to extract & process target data from one tape to many thousands in an organisation’s archive.

Training & Education

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19 March, 2015

Target agrees on data breach settlement

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19 March, 2015

Yahoo! introduces new password format

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Through the eyes of the clients

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"We recently used Kroll’s services in relation to a fast moving and sensitive injunction case concerning an employee who had taken a large quantity of sensitive confidential information. Kroll were extremely responsive, always helpful on the phone and always met deadlines. The computer forensic consultant produced an informative report and was extremely helpful in making sure we understood the full implications of technological issues and also got us up to speed on the use of cutting edge cloud based technology including Drop Box. The work was done at competitive rates and it was a wholly agreeable experience. I would certainly use Kroll’s services again and I would happily recommend them."

Paul Quain

GQ Employment Law LLP, 2013

"Kroll Ontrack assisted me with a sensitive matter for a valued client against a tight timetable. They understood the situation immediately and were able to offer practical solutions based on their wealth of experience in dealing with similar situations. Kroll were incredibly responsive and user friendly throughout the matter, which we were able to resolve to the complete satisfaction of our client with their invaluable assistance. The feedback we received from our client in relation to Kroll's involvement was extremely positive. I would have no hesitation in recommending Kroll Ontrack to other clients and look forward to working with them again in the future. "

Senior Associate

CMS Cameron McKenna LLP, 2013

Why Kroll Ontrack?

Kroll Ontrack has a comprehensive range of computer forensics services to help organisations, and key individuals within those organisations, make informed decisions and mitigate potential electronic evidence risks. With locations in 30 offices across 24 countries, Kroll Ontrack offers the most comprehensive line of electronic evidence & computer forensic services on the market.

Computer forensics has become increasingly important as fraud, financial irregularities, employee misconduct and commercial disputes threaten company finances and reputations while creating serious regulatory risks.

Kroll Ontrack helps repair or mitigate the damage caused by fraud or wrong-doing while helping prevent future incidents.

Utilising state-of-the-art techniques, Kroll Ontrack’s computer forensics specialists enable the recovery and use of critical electronic evidence for litigation, investigations, audits and other fact-finding exercises. We establish whether digital evidence has been erased or modified; analyse electronic content and patterns of Internet and e-mail usage; recover deleted data; and assess and explain metadata within recovered files.

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